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"towards enhancing ethical and professional media standards"

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30 October 2019

The First Board

The Board Members and Member-Secretary of the Media Council of Bhutan. The First Board Meeting was held on 30th October 2019.

14-18 November 2019

National Press Day

Participant at the National Press Day and National Awards for Excellence in Journalism Organized by the Press Council of India, New Delhi from 14-18 November 2019.

2 March 2020

Launch of Strategic Plan

The Media Council has launched its First Strategic Plan for the 12th Five Year Plan (2020-2023). This Strategic Plan has been developed as a blueprint for the development and promotion of media sector in Bhutan.

The Media Council of Bhutan would like to inform the general public that spreading fake news by any person during the time of emergency or otherwise through any means is an offense under the Information, Communications and Media Act 2018 and shall be prosecuted for the same.
Therefore, request the general public to refrain from spreading any kind of fake news.

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